Body : Semi-Hollow Mahogany
Neck : Mahogany
Fingerboard : Pau Ferro
Bridge : Hipshot, Baby Grand Bridge
Pickups : Lindy Fralin Pure P,A,F
Controls : 2 volumes (Neck / Bridge)
Color : Natural
Price : ¥444,960(with case, tax included)
The guitar has a simple, vintage-style design. When set to the rear position pick-up the sound is crisp, but a warm and high-pitched sound is achieved when set to the front position pick-up. The controls are kept simple with only volume knobs for the two pick-ups and the three-way switch to select the pick-up, so it's easy to use and the sound is more authentic. The pick-ups used are 『Pure P.A.F』by Lindy Fralin, so you can reach a variety of sound.
Dear customer,
Your order has been received and I have begun creating your hand made Ka Lani The Strings guitar.
The unique, specialist process should take about 6 month.
I will contact you when it is complete.
Please feel free to massage me if you have any questions.