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Guitar & Ukulele


Top : Spruce

Side & Back : Indian Rosewood

Neck : Mahogany

Fingerboard : Ebony

Bridge : Indian Rosewood


Alto Guitars, used in a guitar ensemble, are in change of the higher range. They act as if you put a regular guitar into the tenor range. Tuning is from the 1st string to  B, F#, D, A, E and B. You can also use it one semitone or one note lower or use it with 5th and 6th strings on the ukulele. Alto guitars are also recommend for those who are not experienced with Guitaleles. The playing is outstanding. When playing a guitar with more than one person it is sure to complement the performance with a high range accent. The Alto Guitar can bring a new freshness to your sound.

Ka Lani The Strings's Rosetta design in every piece is completely original and unique. Made by combining cut pieces of Indian rosewood into a mosaic every is one of a kind.

If you  have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact to Ka Lani The Strings or the dealers『Quiet Village』.

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